What You Can Expect From Us

When you use AudioSense, you can expect high standards. Here's what we promise to deliver...

Accurate and Understandable Transcription

A native speaker will transcribe your work guaranteeing precision, intelligibility and a good understanding of the language.

We understand that it is imperative that the audio is recorded accurately and that you can trust that the final transcription is an authentic reproduction of the orginal sound file. Knowing this, our transcribers always deliver a faithful written representation of each recording.


We take the time to research each project to improve our understanding of the audio and to ensure the accurate reproduction of any product names that may be used.

Having good background knowledge and a familiarity with company-specific vocabulary instantly increases the accuracy and relevance of the transcription that is created.

User-Friendly, Readable Text

We capture the nuance of the recording and edit the transcription for sense removing pauses, hesitations and repeated words.

This pratice promotes easy and swift comprehension. The final transcription will be instantly usable and useful.

Skilled, Well-Trained Transcribers

Our transcription bureau is UK-based and our team receive thorough instruction to deliver the consistency and quality that you expect.

Our transcribers are well-educated and pride themselves on producing good-quality work quickly.

Guaranteed Standards

We are constantly striving to better our service and routinely review our work to ensure that standards are maintained and continuously improved.

The head of our transcription bureau has ultimate responsibility for the quality of the transcriptions. He conducts regular random checks and feeds back any issues with the transcribers immediately. He also disseminates information about expected levels and good practice to ensure that all our workers are complying with the same high standards of working.

Compliance With All Safety Regulations

You can put your faith in AudioSense. We take every measure to ensure that your data is securely stored and protected. The data never leaves the EU and the equipment used, the hosting and the software all comply with rigorous security standards.