Dudley Council

Case Study

The Organisation

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councils Repairs Management Centre provides a first point of contact to all tenants to enable them to report a repair.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

The Challenge

Dudley Council were looking to respond to the performance indicators for publicly funded contact centres and helplines suggested by the government following the Varney Review of public services.

A key aspect of this was to collate customer feedback on the service provided and to do this in a cost-effective way.

The Solution

Dudley council decided to utilise the technology offered by Opinion8 to gain real-time feedback from customers on different aspects of the service provided, as well as on the ethnicity of callers. This allowed Dudley to evidence the good customer service they were providing to all ethnic groups within their local community and identify areas for improvement.

A select number of callers to the council are transferred at the end of their calls to participate in an automated survey. The respondents use the buttons on their telephone keypads to respond to recorded questions and are also given the chance to leave comments. Once the callers have hung up, their survey feedback is automatically compiled and analysed. Instant graphic reports can be seen by Dudley Council staff via log-in to a secure website.

"Opinion8 surveys allow us to gain the information we need in moments, and give us real time feedback on how well we are doing."

Sue Bills

Contact Centre Manager

The Benefits

  • Dudley Council staff can access performance reports for any given time period via the internet, to see how satisfied customers are with the services they are providing.
  • Reports over time allow better understanding of how and why customer satisfaction varies as well as how customers respond to any changes in service.
  • Listening to the comments left by Dudley’s service users offers vivid soundbites which can also be used as a motivation booster for contact centre staff.
  • Soliciting customers’ opinions provides a visible demonstration that the council value its residents and are responding to their needs.
  • As the survey is automated, it is cost-efficient and the council does not have to dedicate the resource of its staff to the project.

Square Systems & Opinion8

Square Systems is the creator of Opinion8, used by organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Opinion8 is a cloud-based automated survey tool developed and supported by Square Systems. Opinion8 surveys can be completed via telephone, SMS (text), email, smartphone and online. Square Systems works with many UK and multinational companies to provide both customer and employee surveys.

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