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Case Study

The Organisation

Hay Group is a global management consulting firm. Clients come from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, across every major industry.

One of Hay group’s areas of expertise is employee engagement. Hay Group Insight employee surveys help leaders identify the barriers to individual and organisational effectiveness, and remove them to improve the performance of people, teams and entire organisations.

Hay Group Insight help organisations improve employee engagement, their workforce opinion surveys demonstrating that highly engaged employees can improve business performance by up to 30 per cent.

The Challenge

Hay Group helps a variety of organisations garner feedback from their employees. In certain sectors, such as the hospitality, commercial cleaning and retail sectors, it is important to offer access to the surveys via telephone as well as by the web. For one such client, Hay Group initiated a web survey but contacted Opinion8 to provide a telephone survey to run alongside its web offering.

The survey had to be available in a variety of languages and be accessible on several numbers in various countries. It was important that the respondents incur minimum expense to participate in the survey and not be limited to taking part in office hours.

Anonymity for individual employees was vital but it was also important that specific departments be identifiable in order to monitor departmental satisfaction separately and directly address particular issues.

Results for the surveys needed to be available in real time to allow managers to respond to current issues in a timely manner.

The Solution

Opinion8 provided a multilingual, multinational staff survey. The user selects the language at the beginning of the survey and Opinion8’s sophisticated technology enables the survey to be routed based on that response.

In order that the cost not be a prohibitive factor in participation, Opinion8 provided the survey on free phone and national rate numbers. Unique access codes input at the beginning of the survey enable departmental tracking.

Hay group wanted to maximise the opportunity provided by conducting an employee survey to gather as much information as possible. Opinion8 helped design a large 30 question survey which maximised the data collected and minimised drop out levels.

Results of the survey can be viewed instantly. Hay group have access to the raw data and can consolidate results from their web survey with the results from the IVR telephone survey.

"Opinion8 allows us to provide a comprehensive data collection solution for our employee engagement studies. We have been using Opinion8 for years and are impressed with how flexible their offering is and how quickly they respond to our requirements."

John Dye

Product Manager

The Benefits

  • Participation in the survey is not dependent on having access to a computer or the Internet enabling non-office staff to give their feedback.
  • Survey respondents do not incur any costs to take part as the survey is available on freephone national numbers in each country where the survey is running.
  • The survey line runs 24/7 so respondents can participate any time.
  • The survey results are available in real time. Managers can respond quickly to any issues so increasing employee engagement and demonstrating transparently that they value their staff’s opinions.
  • The Voice of the Employee is captured so the feedback represents exactly the current concerns and issues of the survey respondents.
  • The survey includes a validated user access code to enable anonymous departmental tracking. Results of all surveys can be seen together or separately.
  • The results of the IVR telephone survey can be analysed independently or combined with the results of Hay’s existing web survey providing a cohesive picture of the responses.

Square Systems & Opinion8

Square Systems is the creator of Opinion8, used by organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Opinion8 is a cloud-based automated survey tool developed and supported by Square Systems. Opinion8 surveys can be completed via telephone, SMS (text), email, smartphone and online. Square Systems works with many UK and multinational companies to provide both customer and employee surveys.

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