Kantar TNS/ Pizza Express

Case Study

The Organisations

Kantar TNS is one of the world’s leading market research and information groups with over 14,000 full-time employees across the globe. TNS provides research services on market segmentation, advertising and communications, new product development and brand performance.

Pizza Express is a restaurant group with over 470 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 100 overseas in Europe, Hong Kong, China, India and the Middle East. It was founded in 1965.

The Challenge

TNS were commissioned to carry out an employee feedback survey for the restaurant chain, covering all their restaurant staff in the UK and Ireland. The survey needed to be accessible from within a catering environment during working hours by staff with limited online access. The company wanted to cover a number of questions on how staff experienced their employment as well as exploring motivational factors. They also wanted to know quickly whether or not staff at different outlets were completing the survey, in order to be able to encourage participation.

Staff, on the other hand, wanted to ensure that their responses were given and received in confidence and were anonymous. An online survey was not a practical option, and a paper-based survey would have been resource-intensive to distribute, collate and analyse.

The Solution

TNS chose Opinion8 automated telephone interviews to conduct the employee feedback exercise.

A 53 question survey was designed. The survey prompts were recorded and the survey put live on a telephone number. Staff were then encouraged to call this number during working hours, listen to the recorded questions and give their answers by pressing the buttons on their telephone keypad.

The survey took on average 10 minutes to complete.

"We're great believers in the benefits of employee engagement and wanted to provide an easily accessible survey that would give meaningful and actionable information to our clients."

Alan Cleaver

Service Delivery Director, Square Systems

The Benefits

  • TNS were able to provide highly cost-effective employee research using automated telephone interviews to allow employees without internet access to participate in the survey during work time.
  • High participation rates were achieved due to the ease of access and completion of the survey. Despite the length of the survey (53 questions) there was a low drop-out rate. The vast majority of employees answered all the questions asked.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity were maintained despite the fact that the survey was completed over the phone in a busy working environment. This encouraged participation and honesty of response.
  • There were no additional costs for data collection and analysis, as the Opinion8 survey system automatically collated and analysed responses. The emerging and final results could be viewed by both TNS and the client company’s project managers on a secure website. Easy to use graphing tools provided simple visual representation of the results, whilst the raw data were also available to view and save as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Because of the instant online reporting, the survey could be managed in real time. Reports on completion rates could be run down to retail unit level, enabling the restaurant chain to identify units where staff had not been properly informed about the survey, and take action to address this.

Square Systems & Opinion8

Square Systems is the creator of Opinion8, used by organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Opinion8 is a cloud-based automated survey tool developed and supported by Square Systems. Opinion8 surveys can be completed via telephone, SMS (text), email, smartphone and online. Square Systems works with many UK and multinational companies to provide both customer and employee surveys.

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