MIND Infoline

Case Study

The Organisation

Mind is a charitable organisation providing advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem. It campaigns in the area of mental health to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. For more than 60 years, Mind has worked to improve the lives of all people with experience of mental health problems through direct support, public campaigning and government lobbying.

Mind Infoline provides information on a range of topics including:

  • Types of mental health problem
  • Where to get help
  • Medication and alternative treatments
  • Advocacy.

It aims to look for details of help and support in the callers’ own areas.

The Challenge

Mind wanted firsthand knowledge of the opinions of the users of Mind Infoline to ensure that the infoline is providing the service it was set up to do. The nature of the calls to the service made it imperative that users’ feedback be secured in a timely, consistent manner and on an ongoing basis.

Mind use a specialist outsourced contact centre service provider, Connect Assist, to operate its Infoline so was keen to measure its effectiveness. To ensure that there can be no perception of bias in the results, it wanted a third party to carry out the measurement.

The Solution

Mind chose an Opinion8 post-call automated IVR telephone survey. The survey asks the respondents how satisfied they are with the outcome of their calls and how confident they are with the information given.

If a dissatisfied score is registered, the caller will then be asked to leave a verbatim response to explain the score giving Mind the opportunity to address specific issues and change practices if necessary.

The survey also includes an opportunity to capture the emails of those callers who are happy to share their stories, providing Mind with future fundraising opportunities.

The Opinion8 solution includes real-time reporting of the feedback results, enabling Mind instantly to see and crucially to be able to react to any issues that need addressing.

"It is vitally important that Mind Infoline is a source of help and support to those who need it. The Opinion8 survey means that we can learn directly from those seeking support for mental health issues and understand their experiences."

Stephen Buckley

Head of Information

The Benefits

  • The fact that a third party is carrying out the measurement ensures that there can be no perception of any bias in the results and Mind can maintain their reputation of trustworthiness and honesty. This is vitally important to a charity operating in the area of mental health.
  • As the survey is automated and requires no agent resource, daily ongoing assessment is possible. This ensures that high standards are maintained and any issues can be picked up within a very small timeframe.
  • Mind are able to monitor the effectiveness of the contact centre team and assess any differences that may potentially occur when organisational changes are made.
  • As the survey captures verbatim feedback, Mind are able to hear directly from the users of Mind Infoline and learn from their experiences.
  • The reporting allows Mind to get an overview of the satisfaction levels of the Infoline’s users. Alerts can be set up if satisfaction levels fall below required standards.
  • Collating and reacting to user feedback on an ongoing basis gives Mind the crucial information it needs to ensure that the service it is providing to people is relevant, useful and appropriate.

Square Systems & Opinion8

Square Systems is the creator of Opinion8, used by organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Opinion8 is a cloud-based automated survey tool developed and supported by Square Systems. Opinion8 surveys can be completed via telephone, SMS (text), email, smartphone and online. Square Systems works with many UK and multinational companies to provide both customer and employee surveys.

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