We can offer additional services depending on what your project requires.

£0.007 per call per minute for Stealth Mode Monitoring

£5.00 per month for Stealth Mode Number Rental

£0.025 per message for Outgoing SMS Messages

£0.01 per message for Incoming SMS Messages

£0.027 per call per minute for Freephone Number Call Charges

Contact us for prices of Local Access Telephone Numbers and Toll-Free Numbers Available Worldwide

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Stealth Mode

If you want to guarantee the objectivity of your feedback and ensure that participation in your survey is unbiased by your Agents, using Stealth Mode is a potential solution.

In Stealth Mode, customers can be transferred to your survey without being picked or put through by the Customer Service Agent on the telephone. We can transfer a selection or all of your calls automatically to your survey guaranteeing that your survey results are representative, balanced and fair.

Verbatim Transcription

We can transcribe any audio comments left during your survey into text. This is a multilingual service so please contact us for a list of available languages.

£0.20 per comment up to 160 characters for Multilingual Transcription. (£0.20 for every additional 160 characters or part thereof that make up that comment.)

Contact us for prices for Translation of Non-English Languages