Case Study

The Organisation

Teleperformance is the worldwide leader in multichannel customer experience.

They have been providing customer care services for leading companies throughout the world since 1978, with expertise in many markets and verticals.

The Challenge

Teleperformance wanted to find new ways to verify independently that they are delivering on core company principles such as customer focus and transparency. They sought the opinions of key clients in order to establish what kind of information they would be interested in having access to. Clients were keen to get direct feedback straight from their customers.

The Solution

Teleperformance chose Opinion8 IVR telephone surveys as part of their three-pronged approach for measuring satisfaction, alongside call monitoring and mystery shopping.

Opinion8 services are provided to some of their key clients such as Sainsbury's, NBS and the Environment Agency. In some cases, the surveys are provided in stealth mode, without the agents' knowledge and, in others, the agents invite the callers to partake in the survey. The flexibility of Opinion8's offering help Teleperformance support their different clients' Voice of the Customer programmes. Teleperformance needed a solution that would allow them to satisfy different requirements.

"It was important to us to find the best product on the market as we felt that this was a vital way of communicating one of our key company values - 'transparency'. Through the use of Opinion8, we are now able to evidence that we provide a high quality and transparent service to our clients."

Rachel Robinson, Group Business Development Director

The Benefits

  • Clients can access performance reports at any time from any device, and see how satisfied their customers are with the contact centre services Teleperformance are providing. In this way, both Teleperformance and their client organisations are getting valuable feedback about the quality of their customer services.
  • Feedback is in real time and accurate.
  • Clients are able to see and hear verbatim comments from customers.
  • Clients are able to be alerted should any of their customers feel unhappy about the service they received, enabling them to execute heroic recoveries.
  • The results help clients to understand the public perception of its services, assess the customer experience, and improve its contact centre operation.

Square Systems & Opinion8

Square Systems is the creator of Opinion8, used by organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Opinion8 is a cloud-based automated survey tool developed and supported by Square Systems. Opinion8 surveys can be completed via telephone, SMS (text), email, smartphone and online. Square Systems works with many UK and multinational companies to provide both customer and employee surveys.

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