Tower Hamlets

Case Study

The Organisation

Tower Hamlets Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in Greater London.

The council is unusual in that its executive function is controlled by a directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, currently John Biggs.

The Challenge

The council wanted to ensure that it was offering a consistent level of customer service across its principal touchpoints and to highlight areas in which it could improve. In order to cater more successfully for the needs of the Tower Hamlets residents, it also wanted to garner information about who was contacting them for assistance and how they were accessing council services.

The council wanted to concentrate on the service provision in their call centre and their one-stop shops. One of the biggest challenges was how to make the survey consistent across each touchpoint. It was important that the results of each survey be robust and consistent enough to be analysed independently and together.

The Solution

Opinion8 provided an IVR telephone survey for the call centre. Callers were transferred to the automated survey at the end of their interactions with the council. Identifying data was attached to each call to enable the council to analyse the results down to agent and team level.

The survey design routed on its initial question which established why that person had contacted the council. This ensured that all subsequent questions were targeted specifically to the caller.

For the one-stop shops, we provided touchscreen kiosks with a branded, interactive survey asking the same questions as the IVR telephone survey.

To support the data collation, Opinion8 provided sophisticated online reporting which allowed for hundreds of reports to be run from the survey results. Information could be filtered by touchpoint or team and examined and analysed separately and together. The raw data was also made available.

"Opinion8 gives us a powerful tool to understand the drivers of customer satisfaction, and to give impetus to improvement activities in the council's services as well as contact channels."

Claire Symonds

Service Head for Customer Access

The Benefits

  • Both surveying methods required little input from the council employees who were free to focus on their valuable work.
  • As participants took part in the survey immediately after their interaction with the council, their responses were informed and accurate.
  • Routed surveys allowed targeted questioning which in turn provided more valuable results.
  • The innovation of the touchscreen kiosks meant that customer service in the one-stop shops could be measured. As no council employees were required, privacy and confidentiality could be preserved and honesty guaranteed.
  • The flexibility of the reporting meant that data could be analysed independently and together. Areas of strength could easily be identified along with areas that required attention.
  • As the surveys were automated, the council were able to gather personal information about the respondents such as ethnicity and age in a non-intrusive way.

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